Trauma Management

A common reason for animals to be brought in for medical treatment and evaluation is for trauma.

Trauma refers to any wound or injury and there is a wide range in the severity of traumas; from the superficial laceration (laceration = cut) that can be received from playing too rough with another animal, up to more severe traumas such as being hit by a car or falling from a higher place. Traumas are often unexpected and present as emergency cases, which is why it is always best to have yourour Animal Care Centre Hospital’s phone number available and an emergency plan in place for your animal/pet.

In an emergency case it is always important to remember safety first for both you and your pet/animal, you cannot help your pet/animal if you are injured. Even the sweetest pet will react to painful stimuli (stimuli = touching injured or irritated tissue) and may bite if in pain, so it is important to be careful and gentle when dealing with a traumatic injury. If your pet/animal is so painful that you cannot safely touch, move, or assist your dog in rising, you should contact your us for ideas on how to best prepare your dog for transport for treatment.